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Rola Saad

Rola Saad, Lebanese singer.

Orphan, Rola Saad always felt unlucky. Her chance, she got it thanks to her voice. She entered show business first as a model and later alongside the famous classical singer Sabah in a remake of her song “Yana Yana” which was a big hit in 2006 and catapulted Rola Saad immediately in the forefront of Middle Eastern musical scene as one of the best emerging female singers of the year. The song topped charts lists and achieved huge sales and its music video was aired on all music channels across Arab countries.

Rola's latest video clip was inspired from her own suffering as orphan. The clip is about a star who has adopted an African boy from an orphanage and tried to change his former lonely days to a sweet lifetime.

After her marriage, Rola Saad is living in the south of Lebanon.

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  • Pseudo : Robert Wells/ In America.
  • Date : 19 august 2011
  • Hour : 18:32 GMT
  • Comment n° : 11486

I love your music. Please keep this beautiful music coming. I played some of your songs for my wife and she said your voice is beautiful, we both agree that the language you speak when you sing makes it even more beautiful. The Arabic language with your voice should make even the hardest person melt with joy. I live in the state of Virginia in The United States of America, and I haven"t heard anything This Beautiful here, I must Buy your Recordings. May you have a long and beautiful life. May God bless you and your husband richly. Thank you. Your Friend Robert Wells

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