Ziad Bourji - زياد برجي

Biography of Ziad Bourji

Ziad Bourji

Ziad Bourji, Lebanese young singer.

Ziad Bourji biggest appearance as a singer was in the fifth edition of LBC Talent Show, the Arabic version of Star Academy. Fresh out the most important experience of his career which introduced him to Arabic scene, Ziad Bourji released his first song “Ana Albi Alayk”. The music video of the song was aired in rotation on all Arab music TV channels and dominated radio stations playlists.

Ziad Bourji’s latest work is “Al Eih”.

Comments on Ziad Bourji

  • Pseudo : Emi
  • Date : 1 december 2010
  • Hour : 17:59 GMT
  • Comment n° : 10424

I really like Ziad bourji's voice..He is cute as well.. But as I can not understand Arabic language, I do not know what he is saying but still he is my favorite singer among the world. Specially his song “Ana Albi Alayk” is fantastic. I want to meet him, I want to listen him live. I wish i could.
He is perfect in expressions and he knows very well how to make a video. He is really a fantastic person. I wish him all the best.

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