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Cheb Douzi

Cheb Douzi, Moroccan Raï music singer, was born in Koulouche, Morocco to a Moroccan father and an Algerian mother. One of his elder brothers is a notorious singer and composer of Raï music.

Cheb Douzi first sang at the age of five in a TV program on the Moroccan national Channel RTM, a song "Lalilharb". He then entered the conservatory of music but quickly quit because of the tough trip from his village to the conservatory. He nevertheless got a degree from one Radio Station confirming him as a Raï music artist.
Cheb Douzi first album titled '"Goulou Lmumti Tjini" was recorded in February 1994 and was very cherished by mothers.

Cheb Douzi is now living in Belgium where he recorded about ten albums and was recognized as the only Raï singer to sing in many languages: Turkish, English and French. He was also involved in the fight against racism in Belgium.

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It is Ikram from USA I love cheb Douzi so much and I hope I can meet him here in the states. I do not know how to explain my feelings. I love all of his songs, they are super good. I will be so glad if I met him or had a chance to talk to him. I can say he is one of my preferable Moroccan singers. Also I can say he is so handsome. Keep going with your job. Thanks

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