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    Biography of Fnaire


    Fnaire, Moroccan Rap music band, lines up four artists Marrakchis : 2 MC ( Khalifa and Achraf aged 23 and 24 years), DJ Van ( 23 years-old) and Tizaf Mouhssine (25 years-old).

    Mixing Moroccan Chaâbi music, contemporary Rap and humoristic but realistic lyrics, Fnaïre built a new style they call ''Traditional Rap'' expressing young people's hopes and worries.

    Fnaire debut album was "Laftouhe", released in 2004 on label "Tizaf". The band knew success with the national-themed song ''Matqish bladi'' followed by ''Ydd lhanna'' and the latest ''Lalla Mnnana''

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