Hamid El Kasri - حميد القصري

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    Biography of Hamid El Kasri

    Hamid El Kasri

    Hamid El Kasri is a Moroccan performer of Moroccan Gnaoua style. He was born in 1961.

    Hamid’s grandmother’s Sudanese husband was a virtuoso of Guembri also called haj’houj. Hamid El Kasri discovered Gnawa Sufi style at the very age of seven.

    Later on, his powerful and clear voice made his first steps in musical scene very easy. In only few years, Hamid El Kasri became one of the most important names of Moroccan Gnaoua style. His popularity grew beyond borders and his talent won unanimous recognition.

    Hamid El Kasri is an inescapable artist of Gnaoua Festival of Essaouira.

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