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Jannat Mahid

Jannat Mahid, well-known as Jannat, was born in Mohamedia, Morocco.

Jannat started singing at the age of five. She launched her professional singing career a few years later while participating in concerts playing Oum Kalsoum and Abdelhalim Hafez’s greatest songs.

Later on, Jannat Mahid was the winner of “Noujoum Al Ghad”, a competition program broadcasted by Moroccan TV channel 2M. On her way to stardom, Jannat Mahid moved to Egypt where she met a producer and recorded a debut abum called ”Elly Beny We Beinak” which original song is a duet with the outstanding Egyptian singer Amr Diab.

Alongside Majda Roumi, Sabah Fakhri, Wadii Safi, Jannat Mahid has sung on the Egyptian Opera stage in 2000. Jannat Mahid is one of the youngest singers to have accomplished such great success.

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  • Pseudo : Nadine
  • Date : 3 september 2010
  • Hour : 19:34 GMT
  • Comment n° : 9719

i love you jannat keep up the good work best singer on earth your voice is the best every singer sings using computers to make there voice nice but you're diffrent. i would love to hear a song about friends from your voice please!oh by the way you should come to houn in libya lol if you want you can come over to my house and you can help me (i have boy problems) and i think you give good advice so please come to houn in libya please my dream is to meet you and most of my dreams don't come true well to tell you the truth none of them do lol so make this one come true please omg i wish i can tell you more jannat i love you.

  • Pseudo : Naome Syed
  • Date : 20 january 2010
  • Hour : 7:43 GMT
  • Comment n° : 8006

I am a very good fan of Jannat Mahid. I have recently started listening to Arabic music and her voice is simply outstanding. I am a great music lover myself and it's wonderful to know that I have come to learn about Jannat who is an awesome singer. She is truly gifted and has immense musical talent. Her voice has great balance and is very soothing to listen to. I don't know Arabic but after listening to her beautiful songs I am desperate to learn the language. She is my favorite singer! I want her to do all the best in her career which she surely is doing. Jannat keep up your good work! Naome, Bangladesh

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