Jil Jilala - جيل جلالة

Biography of Jil Jilala

Jil Jilala

Jil Jilala, Moroccan folk band.

Jil Jilala is one of the most popular and significant bands in Moroccan musical scene of the early 1970s to date. Since it was formed in 1970s, Jil Jilala devoted its art to criticize oppression, denounce corruption and call for effective reforms. Thus, Jil Jilala, as Nass El Ghiwane, found a great receptivity among Moroccan people. It also seduced many other audiences all over the world. Jil Jilala’s best works were : “Daym Haym”, “Essaqiya”, “Laayoune Ayniya”– songs about Sahara, “Chama”, “Zraa Rih”, “Lklam Lmrsaa”…

Jil Jilala still performed in several national and international events and Festivals before millions of their fans.

One of Jil Jilala’s members is Mohamed Derham.

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