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    Biography of Lemchaheb


    LemChaheb is a Moroccan band.

    LemChaheb first appeared in the Moroccan scene in the late 1960s while Lamrani Moulay Chrif, together with some Western music fans, formed the band “Sound of Today”. The band performed Moroccan songs with Western instruments and later changed its name to Lamchaheb – which means in Moroccan dialect torches that mountains inhabitants made to scare animals and keep them far from the village. The name of the group was very significant.

    In the same time, another group, Nass El Ghiwane was cutting its way to fame and collected a lot of admiration because of its traditional style. LemChaheb started giving up its Western instruments and adopting more traditional conception of the group which quickly grew its popularity.

    Lamchaheb’s most acclaimed songs are : “Khlili”, “Rsami", "Ednya", "Moulana",

    Comments on Lemchaheb

    • Pseudo : Cherif Alaoui
    • Date : 25 november 2010
    • Hour : 13:13 GMT
    • Comment n° : 10392

    There is music that you listen to and soon you move on to the next and the next. With lemchaheb their music is more than engraved inside my heart every time I listen to any of their songs makes my body shiver.
    I love lemchaheb, I wish to find a link where i get in touch with the remaining original members which I don't even still alive.

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