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Biography of Mohamed El Hayani

Mohamed El Hayani

Mohamed El Hayani, Moroccan singer, was born in Casblanca, Morocco in 1945.

Still in the blush of youth, Mohamed El Hayani had only one passion: Music. Having made his talent evident, Mohamed El Hayani joined National radio station choir, encouraged by Abdelkader Rachdi.

Mohamed El Hayani has recorded his first song "Ya Oulidi" in the late 1960s just a little time before bewitching audiences through "Rahila", a mythic song composed by the late Abdessalam Amer and still as strongly present in Moroccan repertoire of music.

Other hits of Mohamed El Hayani were "Bard Ou Skhoun", "Ghabou Lhbab", "Imta Tghanni Ya Galbi", "Qissat Alachwaq". El Hayani also entered the big screen in 1982 starring alongside Hammadi Ammour and Habiba Medkouri in "Doumou3 Nadam" directed by Hassan El Moufti. The film seduced a large audience.

Mohamed El Hayani was credited as the Moroccan Nightingale. El Hayani has sang in Tunisia and Algeria where his ‘Arab authentic music’ was especially cheered.

Mohamed El Hayani died october 24, 1996 at the age of 50. He was one of Moroccan modern music pioneer.

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Yes its now 01:12am iam listeninig to mohamed el hayani to his wonderful song rahila ,the song that took my heart again to my beautiful country morocco ,i realy feel so relax when i listned to it ,it's look like my best friend in my loneless here in usa ,i was listening to it and i'am sitting in a starbucks coffee watching in florida watching the sunsit thinking about the beautiful creature of God ,mohamed el hayani is always one my favourite signer for a long time ,god keep him in heaven .

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