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Nabyla Maan

Nabyla Maan, Moroccan songwriter, composer and interpret, was born in Fes, Morocco.

At the age of seventeen, Nabyla Maan has launched her debut album “D’nya” on the label Platinium Music, including 11 tracks and a duet with former member of “Nass El Ghiwane”, Omar Sayed, titled “Allah Ya Moulana”. Thanks to its popularity, the song met two different generations by the power of music.

Fan of Nass El Ghiwane, Nabyla Maan gave a new breath to another big hit Ghiwanesk “Essinya” with techno rhythms. It was «Hina kalat», written by Nabyla’s father which revealed her creativity high quotient.

Paired with the popular Moroccan singer Saïda Fikri, Nabyla Maan won the esteem of numerous Moroccan figures of music including the famous composer and singer Maled, also artistic director of Platinium Company.

Nabyla’s latest album gives a genius mix of oriental-maghrebin melodies and rock Rhythms ranking the opus among the best works in Moroccan musical scene.

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Hallo Nabyla Maan,
I don't know how to say that i love you so much!
I'm from Algeria, exactly from El byadh. And I hear your music and songs always because it makes me happy and need it to enjoying my life ! Specially "ALLA YA MOULANA" and "DENYA", you are very charmed. And it's really honor for me to be the frst one who writes a comment on you Nabyla.cbr /> Fairouz.

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