Nass El Ghiwan - ناس الغيوان

Biography of Nass El Ghiwan

Nass El Ghiwan

Nass El Ghiwan, moroccan band, lined up five artists : Larbi Batma, Alal Yaala, Omar Sayed, Aderhmane Paco, Boujmaa from Hay Elmohamadi, Casablanca (Morocco).

When first formed in the 1970s, Nass El Ghiwan did not suspected it will lead further artistic revolution.
Nass El Ghiwan began performing in their district area. Their first act was in the ''Nautilus Club'' in Casablanca.

Nass El Ghiwan last titles were "Ya bani l insân", "Ahl el hal", "Çiniya".

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  • Date : 30 august 2010
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One of the best Arabic bands in the 80s well known until now their songs and music inspired many bands and singers in the Arab world, the songs they preformed will always be in our hearts forever and ever we will never forget them. i love them and listening to them is a real pleasure, as you can see they have this music which makes anyone who even doesn't understand the words but loves the music, they are simply the best

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