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    Biography of Style Souss

    Style Souss

    Style Souss is a Moroccan Hip Hop band formed in Agadir in 2004.

    Style Souss lines-up Aziz Akouz, Fat Man Joe , Brahmi Becherign, Abdellahidi, Amine Minka, Mc- Majnoun, Driss Sbiaâ and Driss David.

    Impressed by Moroccan Amazighs story, The Gadiri young people devoted themselves to express the greatness of such story through a musical style full of the richness of Amazigh culture and lyrics bearing all complaints and ‘mystic’ dreams of Berbers in Morocco.

    Style Souss’s latest album was “Hayard Nouchkad”, a sixteen-tracked album in which Amazigh, Arabic and French languages are joined to draw the reality of Amazigh people and impose a warm cultural debate. Style Souss artists involved themselves in an extraordinary adventure trying to redefine Moroccan society’s norms through an artistic phenomenon dedicated to many generations.

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