Samo Zaen - سامو زين

Biography of Samo Zaen

Samo Zaen

Samo Zaen a Syrian Singer, he was born in Kuwait in November 10th.

After finishing his secondary studies he traveled to London to study engineering.
where he worked for several years as an engineer sound, then decides to return to Kuwait to set up his own company 'Twitter audio equipment' specializes in audio equipment.

He launched his first album titled 'Mili Ya helwa ' who was produced by 'EL-Kheyol Company'.

After the success of his first album, Samo Zaen released his second album 'Ana leek' with Rotana Company which won 11 Arab and international awards.
The third album Samo Zaen is titled 'Araby Leya'.

In 2007, Samo Zaen was honored as the Best Arab world singer in the annual questionnaire for Al-Akhbar (Egyptian) newspaper and all its magazines.

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