Hussain El Jasmi - حسين الجسمي

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    Biography of Hussain El Jasmi

    Hussain El Jasmi

    Hussain El Jasmi, United Arab Emirates singer.

    Hussain El Jasmi first release a single ''Bawada'ak'' which was a big hit and revealed the singer to Arab world.
    El Jasmi's next single was ''Wallah Mayiswa'' which rose him to fame with millions of copies sold.
    Becoming one of the most popular Arab singers, Hussain El Jasmi widely contributed to promote United Arab Emirates style and diffuse it beyond Middle East region.

    Hussain El Jasmi's latest release was ''Bahibik Wahachtiny''.

    Comments on Hussain El Jasmi

    • Pseudo : Nune
    • Date : 10 july 2012
    • Hour : 0:06 GMT
    • Comment n° : 12528

    recently , by the chance from God , i met one of Hussein Al Jasmi's singles and listened to it... and after listening to him i was just in great shock... in very impressive shock that there is such a great singer as he is... i have music education and all my life i have cooked in music , and was long to hear the one who can wave people soul and i have found him such great voice , such great emotions , when he is singing you have such sense that he is next to you and he makes you fly , he makes you to thank GOD for this nice world and within his sweet voice he takes you to your dream land... i may say only one thing God's blessing is over him for such grand may your voice be inexhaustible and may Allah bless you ... VIVA HUSSEIN AL JASMI

    • Pseudo : Aya
    • Date : 1 february 2010
    • Hour : 0:21 GMT
    • Comment n° : 8129

    I love this great singer a lot. He is such a sweet strong voice that finds its way to our hearts immediately. This is not only my opinion but this is the opinion of the 85 million egyptians that love Hussein el Jasmi and feel like he's one of us, seriously. And i truly respect him on personal level as he cheered for us egyptians in the african cup of nations and not only that, but he sang for us the 3 best songs ever about Egypt, and from my opinion this guy is a true man who knows well that we love him a lot and so, in return, he showed us back his love for us. Thanks a lot El Jasmi, you are a true man.

    • Pseudo : جوهرة
    • Date : 16 december 2011
    • Hour : 7:50 GMT
    • Comment n° : 11799

    I am Filipina and a Nurse Educator here in Saudi Arabia and married to an Arab, he was the one who taught me about these beautiful music of Hussain El Jasmi,since then, i do play his music during break time in my office, and been downloading all his hits in my iPhone to play in the car after each working days. He is such a terrific artist. More power Hussein!!! Ihope you will continue on making music to us, you make us happy with it!

    • Pseudo : ج بوهلال
    • Date : 28 may 2011
    • Hour : 1:45 GMT
    • Comment n° : 11186

    I am a Moroccan, the first time I heard your voice was at Mawazine 2011. I liked the beatiful words as well as the wonderful melodies! I enjoyed it a lot and will remember from now on how to spell your name in English and Arabic in order to search for your songs. Best whishes!

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