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Biography of Mohamed El Mazem

Mohamed El Mazem

Mohamed El Mazem, United Arab Emirates-born singer.

Mohamed El Mazem started singing in the late 1980s. He first appeared to public while participating in Festivals but before that he sang in celebrations and private parties and earned local recognition. Trusting his talent, Mohamed El Mazem went on to build a very successful career on a heady blend of enthusiasm and endurance.

Mohamed El Mazem’s first break was “Ahebak”. The single that he shot to increase its popularity was a big hit and conquered audiences with a very joyful style. Mohamed El Mazem adopted this style for many of his further works that also met the same success like “Allah Ala Talah”, “Tikram Ainak” for the most popular.

Mohamed El Mazem tried a melancholic syle in “Youm Miladi Ana”. The success the title got proved than Mohamed El Mazem was an accomplished artist.

Very recently, Mohamed El Mazem has announced he will give up sentimental style and only give his voice to religious songs. He then released his new style album: ‘’Ya Habibi Ya Mohamed’’ in 2008.

Concerning the reasons of his decision, Mohamed El Mazem told Medias that “art aims mainly to deliver a message of love and peace and diffuse high values and unfortunately current works are far from that mission”.

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Alhamdullilah, may Allah bless him for making such a decision and may he serve God for all of his life. I am a great fan of yours and especially your nasheed “ya habibi ya Muhammad” is a soul elevating melody. It shows your love for Allah and his prophet s.a.w. Keep going on this very path and deliver the message of Islam trough your charming voice. May Allah bless you and give you strength to hold up strictly the path you have taken.

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